Mission Statement


    We believe that we were called by the Holy Spirit to establish a church community in Orland Park. As a church in the midst of a growing area, we have been given a special challenge: The challenge of interpreting the gospel in such a way that it becomes an energy-charged reality in our lives, capable of shaping our lives as Christians, and of influencing the future shape of this community. Furthermore, we believe we are called to be a church in mission to the immediate community and world. By responding in word and deed to the human needs and social issues of our area and world, we affirm Christ’s commandment to “love God with all our hearts, minds and souls, and our neighbors as ourselves”. Our faith has affected the shape of our lives in the past, and now we feel the need to support each other in faith with our children and to be a particular community in which all who gather, young, and old or in-between, may feel the joy, the power, the oneness, the love, which make the church truly representative of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because we come from different backgrounds and church affiliations, we can be, with the help of God, a church which offers wide opportunity for Christian experiences and spiritual growth, as well as a church which fosters in each individual member a deep spiritual commitment and a sense of belonging. In order to meet this high calling, we have invested our time, our talents and our money. With the help of God and our brothers and sisters in faith, we will continue to grow, spreading in ever-widening circles the Good News of Jesus Christ.      

    Adopted: May, 1976

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