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      C  R  O  S  S  P  A  T  H  S 

    N O V E M B E R   2 0 1 7 

    We can’t think of November without being mindful of Thanksgiving.  November is the traditional time to count our many blessings.  But what exactly are we really counting. 

    Recently I came upon a very interesting study.  It didn’t claim to be scientific, nor were the findings documented.  But it surely served as an “eye opener” for me. 

    The study stated that 100 years ago there were 84 things/items which the average, middle-class American desired to possess or have.  Of those 84 things, however, only 17 were deemed necessities, and the rest were regarded as luxuries. 

    By 2017, it stated, there are 524 things/items which the same average, middle-class American desired to possess or have.  Of these, however, the list of ‘necessities’ has swelled to 177. 

    Is it logical, therefore, to reason, that if a person’s gratitude and thankfulness depended upon how many things we have, then we should be 5 to 7 times more thankful than our grandparents? 

    Our Lord has made it clear that a person’s real wealth is not determined by the abundance of things he or she possesses.  A person is rich in their faith. 

    Thanksgiving is not a day.  Thanksgiving is an attitude which the God works in our hearts.  God has to do that because true gratitude does not come easily or even naturally for most of us.  But God does it!  And so we thank God for food and fruit and meat and bread and cars and luxuries, but our real Thanksgiving needs to be rooted in Christ as the Bread of Life.  That kind of bread feeds and fills more than the body!  It fills the soul! 

    So, no matter how this year was, or how next year might be, whether our ‘Bread’ supply increases or not, we give thanks to God, not for things, but for Christ -- the Bread of Life.

    With Gratitude,

    Pastor Scott




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