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              The Living God, I believe, is too often associated with Death.  His Living Word   (--called the Bible--) is significant to many people only when we, or our loved ones, die.  It has been declared that a large number of people PRAY – ONLY in time of danger, disaster, and disease.  God is sort-of yanked into the lives of people much the way panic buttons are frantically pressed when we just don’t know what else to do. 

              Yes, God is A Very Present Help in time of trouble.  We should all be eternally grateful for that!  Still:  God is also THE GOD OF OUR LIVES, not some kind of heavenly wand-waver brought in to make all our fears and tears disappear.  I believe that most of our troubles, both personal and global, result from our decision to put God on hold until we decide we need Him.  We haven’t quite thrown Him out on the garbage dump yet, where crucifixions take place and where we discard all that no longer serves any purpose… but don’t you sometimes wonder how many are heading in that direction?


              Please don’t get me wrong.  I am note a pessimist, or a messenger of doom and gloom.  I don’t believe you are either.  After all, we are followers of the Number One Joy-Giver of the Human Race.  We are Christian disciples.  I am deeply concerned with my own values, priorities, attitudes, and actions:  UNDER GOD.  And I urge that you have that same concern for yourself and for others.  Here’s the question for me, for you, for each of us:  ARE WE LIVING ON THIS GOD-CREATED AND GOD-LOVED EARTH, FROM DAY TO DAY, THE LIFE GOD THROUGH CHRIST, DESIRES AND ENABLES US TO LIVE?...  Such a life is NOT a PUNISHMENT.  It’s our HIGHEST BLESSING.


              We are urged, and sometimes commanded, to “GET WITH IT”…  Well: until GOD GETS US – our attention, our allegiance, our affection, 24-7, = WHERE DO WE HONESTLY THINK WE’RE GETTING TO?!


              Matthew 6:33 really makes good sense out of all of this.


              Let’s all KEEP LIVING OUR LIVES.  Every day!


                                                          Pastor Gordon H. Reif, PCOP Assistant Pastor


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