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              How DO we GET READY to (genuinely):  Worship God – Apologize and say “I’m

    sorry” – Take a test – Ask for help – Offer a helping hand – Break a bad habit – Pay close attention – Improve our behavior – Solve a problem – Keep from becoming overwhelmed – Stop feeling sorry for ourselves?


              How does a person GET PREPARED to:  Welcome and appreciate all of life’s blessings – Get seriously involved in life’s problems and challenges – Be a really good listener – Walk in somebody else’s footsteps --?


              How many REGRETS do we have because we ACT without THINKING?


              Did Jesus make A MESS OF THINGS by saying things and taking positions BEFORE thinking them through?


              WHEN, and HOW, are ANY of US COMPLETELY READY to be the particular persons JESUS wants and enables us to be?


              What if GOD is patiently waiting for us to GET READY to PAY ATTENTION to His

    Will for our lives?...  (Big Hint:  Testing God’s patience is not a good idea!)


              How ARE we doing at PREPARING THE WAY OF THE LORD:  right where we are?


              Don’t we ALWAYS need more than a little help and direction FROM OUR GOD:

    to be TRULY THANKFUL – ENCOURAGE other travelers along life’s way – PRAY a Prayer – Go forward in the right direction, one step at a time --?


              …ARE WE READY TO GO TO THE BASEBALL GAME YET?!  (See cartoon)…  I can

    think of several OTHER things I really need to get ready for, too…  I think we ALL can do that.  And we should.


                                                                         Pastor Gordon, PCOP Assistant Pastor


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