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              As I am writing these words, PENTECOST SUNDAY is just around the corner (on my calendar) and so THE BIRTH(DAY) OF THE CHURCH has a special, vital significance – for all of us, as well as all the people “way back THEN,” 2,000+ YEARS AGO.  I don’t know anybody, even the church’s harshest critics, who really WANTS to live in a community where no church is allowed, no church has been born, no church exists.  I’m not talking about church BUILDINGS (-- important as I think Gathering Places and Gathering Opportunities are--); I’m talking about CHURCH as PEOPLE WHO HAVE WELCOMED WITH GREAT JOY THE SPIRIT OF THE RISEN, LIVING CHRIST INTO THEIR HEARTS AND LIVES AND RELATIONSHIPS.  CHURCH, I know, is not always defined that way – maybe almost never – but, I believe it is a definition that is faithful to WHAT A CHURCH IS, as described in the Bible (--please read, for starters, the Book of ACTS, Chapter 2--).


              As a way of reminding myself of what a church IS, and how each participant in a church can help a church become the vital Community of Faith that our Living God wants and enables it to be, now and in the future, please permit me to share with you an item the teacher of my Senior High Sunday School Class gave each member of that class, back in 1948 – and I have kept that message in my wallet, and in my heart, since that time.  It’s possible that this may just be a “long yawn” to you, but it’s a “really big deal” to me – even on all those many occasions when I have failed to practice the good advice that these words from yester-year proclaim (--THANK YOU, Mrs. Sanderson--):



                                                                         Pastor Gordon, PCOP Assistant Pastor

    Pastor Gordon is on sabbatical and will return in September.


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