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              I think of what God has done in Jesus, for me, for loved ones and friends, for enemies and strangers, for every generation, for the whole world;


              I think of gifts I have been given, by so many, over the years, from childhood

    to this present time, but – so much more than the gifts—, I think of the love, the acceptance, the positive good-will, the help and caring, given to me by so many;


              I think of ways I know that God IS with us, we are NOT alone, this warring madness that too often envelops our planet and our lives is NOT all there is, the earth IS the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and He WILL have the last, final, and Victorious Word about us, about everyone, about everything;


              I think about the privilege beyond price that I have been given to know YOU as a person, a unique child of the Living God; of having a relationship with you, and others, that is based on the sure conviction that God is our Father, and we are a family, sisters and brothers; our relationship of love, respect, and good-will is be far its own best gift for us to thank God for;


              I think of persons, events, gifts, privileges, opportunities, that too often I forget, crowd out, neglect, take for granted.  And I bow my head.  And tears do come.  And I ask God, from the heart, to forgive me as only He can do.  And I ask God to grant me just one more gift.  Maybe this time I’ll think of Christmas the way THE-ONE-WHO-MAKES-CHRISTMAS-POSSIBLE wants me to think of Christmas!  That’s my goal.  I invite and urge you, whoever you are, to make it YOUR goal, too.  I do believe that when it happens, we will be enabled – empowered – enlightened = to think Christmas, keep Christmas, share Christmas, celebrate Christmas:  EVERY DAY, AND ALWAYS.  That’s thinking BIG, I know.  I also know we follow JESUS who said “I am with you, ALWAYS…”  (Matthew 28:20)


    May the Living Lord Jesus help us ALL to make THIS Christmas



                                                                                    Many thanks,

                                                                                    Pastor Gordon (& Peggy)

                                                                                    PCOP Assistant Pastor



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